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M.S.C.P offer free room for 1 week for the Argentinians that were stolen by peruvian thief .

Be carefull all surfers

Peru thief stole mobile house from argentinan

like to travel cheap. Be save hire a tour guide and do not get in problems in a forem country.

While we all want to travel around the world in our motor home.

Here is a news that will leave without opportunity to surfers who dream of traveling in a mini van to surf all the waves of South America.

A couple of Argentines, 3 days ago arrived in Lima with their mini van. They modified this vehicle to use it as a house and save money from renting a room. Likewise they cooked inside the van and had all their valuable things inside this van.

Lima thieves stole the van in Peru 3 days ago. Now the Argentines are outraged because they do not even have their identity documents with them.

To travel in Peru, it is necessary to travel very carefully. We know that many people want to travel economically. But as the saying goes, all the cheap end to be expensive.

We are outraged by what happened and how nice it would be for Peruvians to stop stealing for the good of the country. We need a change and we ask it of heart to all the competent authorities. Education should be directed to the change of thought. We must implement since the beginning of the school ethics education more than anything else.

We offer one week free room for the argentinians that were stolen by peruvian thief.

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