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If you want   to ask  questions and get information  about surf and travel to Chicama please joing us on Face Book or simply write us  What'sApp. 99 40 8564

Surf information:
  • We offer many different surf trips from here to the border with Ecuador or south to Lima.
  • Weather-Sun year round, with some cloudy days in the months of June, July and August.
  • Surf swells all year long!!!  There are waves year round; however the longer 1 km plus waves usually happen between April to September.
  • Open to all levels. There are a few fat sections that break on a sandy bottom making it perfect for beginners. But there are also hollow barrel sections that are geared more for advanced surfers. 
  • The beach is almost 100 percent sandy; with only a few odd rocky corners.
  • You need wetsuit (3/2) to surf here. Especially  May, June, July, August, September.
  • Surf current.-It is very stormy at this area in Peru  we do normally walk  to the surf spots in order to catch more waves.
  • Surf Swell are south to north from May to November  after that  North swells start to hit this area until April​
  • Tide.- It is not a issue at Chicama! Most of the time only gets up or down 15 to meters normally  weird but happen some times the tide can rise to more 20 meters
  • Wind.- It is not a problem as it is off shore wind but for you to surf early mornings are best time in Chicama area.
  • There are numerous surf spots around Chicama; Pacasmayo and Huanchaco being the most popular. Some can be accessed with a car. Some are more secret and definitely require a guide.
  • Surfboard rentals are only offered by 3 places in town and selection is limited. Chicama Surf Camp Peru offers a wide selection of boards. Plus you can contact us prior to your trip for any custom board orders or other special requests. 
  • Stand up paddle rental is offered by Chicama Surf Camp.
  • While informal surf lessons are available in town. Chicama Surf Camp offers lessons from certified instructors with years of proven teaching experience.
  • Surf Photography is available upon request. 


Tourist information :


Chicama Surf Camp offers the only money exchange in town as there are no banks or ATMs located in Chicama.
Trujillo is the nearest big city.
Trujillo airport is the nearest airport
The only English speaking taxi service in town is operated by Chicama Surf Camp
There is only 1 internet cafe in town 




  1. We have an established track record in terms of food service. Our flagship location My Surf Camp Peru in Punta Hermosa has over 14 years of proven quality home cooked meals (check us out on online), and we bring that same level of service to Chicama Surf Camp. 
The last thing you want to deal with while traveling is stuck in your room battling a foreign bacteria in your stomach.
  2. ​%50 deposit it is a must  before your arrival to the surf camp . Pay your balance on your your arrival ate the camp . 
  3. There is not any money refunded for any cancellation 
  4. Exchange Dollars in our camp is going to be five point more than normal as we need to exchange it again and get lower exchange in Chicama .
  5. Renting  surf boards and wetsuit . There are not many places and not a big selection in renting boards  at Chicama . The cost for renting surf equipment must have  different prices depending on the  quaility and conservation of the equipment. 
If you are picky with surf boards, would be better if you could try to bring your surf board .
Cost to bring your surf board $100  Dollars on each flight " price aprox".
Also some locals air lines and busses companies in Peru charge $10 Dollars on buses and $20 Dollars on airlines.
Please take a look on the  prices before you come.
  6. If you rent a surf equipment you are responsible for that . Breaking it you must have to pay the repairs and an extra price for all the days that the surf boards can not be used and all the extra cost like transportation, time, etc.
There is not  shapers in Chicama town that is the reason why we need to send the surf boards to be repaired in Trujillo nearest city.
Watch out  on repairs surf boards in Chicama as there is not shapers (you can find people that repairs but is not profesional)  
  7.You also need to leave with us a passaport copy. -As many people for all around the were like to leave withoup paying.
  8.Copy of your passaport would be use here  and the police station. -We will post your passport picture with your name and nationality with a history of your action here in our surf camp .
There are a police station open 24 hours at Chicama town but normally the most common crime is scams.
  9.We have many surf trip running to all Peru . -We are happy to take you to all the best surf spots but we are not responsable for swells and weather so please do not try to pay less  money or not pay at all. Only becase there is not sun or it was windy days.
Advance surfers know that this happen all the time . Repit  We can not manage the swells or weather.
Watch out on surf trips agency or tour guides.
Many say  they are best or the first but  please be careful with ex convicted, traffickers drugs  and scams.
 10. Renting a room on the surf camp. -You can rent a room through or other websides to be in our surf camps , but you are not  hire a surf camp services. In order to have a surf camp services you need to book with time in advance as we need to hire surf tours guides, surf instructors, and get all what you need. Other than that we would think that you want to hire a room and do all by your self .
Please do not  rent a room and try to jump in our surf camp services for less money than the people that is paying for surf trips and surf camp. It is a very uncomfortable  situation.
 11. Bargain in Peru .- There are places to bargain in Peru . You must know that Peruvian do not bargain every where in Peru . For example we can not go to a hotel, restaurant, mall, bargain.. Becase look root, stingy from you to bargain there. You can bargain at the street with Taxis that are not formal, black markets, cheap places. etc.
12. Banks problems in Peru - There is not ATM in Chicama but there is a national bank where you can sent money through Peru to other cities in Peru or exchange Dollars ( Not much to do with bank here)
Nearest ATM in Chocope town  but if you need a variaty of bank is better to go to Trujillo city.
There is a Continental bank in Casa Grande farther than Chocope  town but nearest then Trujillo city.
13. Night life.- Is not the best in Chicama as there were a lot of fights on the clubs
The mayor sent to close all the clubs in town.
14. Waves on Chicama .- There are always waves for beginners but if you are intermediate like peruvian intermediate surf level "surfing and doing cutbacks" then you have to wait for a swell to come here.
15. Swells in Chicama.- There are swells hitting every week in Chicama, north swells are from November to March. The wave can not be less than 3 feet every day but you have to go farther than the local beach ( The Cape) with a good north swell sites can  be 6 feets very enjoyable.  
May is the month where bigest swells show up  with 8 feets swells (from May until  August ) 
Shortboarders´ time !!!
16. Working on the town .- The work here is mostly in the fish factory , government work and the people also have their own small businesses. That´s it. , volunteering in hostel, hotels.
17. Chicama has more waves than the regular point break  
18. There are other surf spots around 4WD can be requested depending where you want to go.
  • Playa La Bocana   
  • Playa El Paso
See below videos of how to get to Chicama by flight, bus, taxi, busses, colectivos, hostels, restaurants, surf lessons, instructors, boats. How to get to surf spots and all the information you need to know as a traveler.
The videos are in Spanish for now we are working to make videos in English in the month.



Como llegar  a Chicama desde Lima por Avion, bus, taxi y como llegar a la ola del Point, La Cruz y Cape.
Busses to go to Pto Chicama from Lima to Trujillo with busses stops and addresses with information, prices.
How to get from Lima to Trujillo and Chicama cheapest way.  (English version) 
Diferencia entre el Bus el Dorado que no lleva tabla de surf y el bus el Dorado que si lleva tabla de surf. Costo por llevar la tabla de surf de Trujillo a Chicama Pto y El paradero de bus en Trujillo con distancia de camino a pie para ir al bus que te lleva a Lima ( America Bus)
Como es el America bus por fuera y por dentro y la diferencia con otros buses que van en la ruta a Lima - Trujillo.
How to get to surf spots in Chicama
How to get in or out to wave ( spots in from of the town)
How to get to surf spot El Point from the town Pto Chicama ( how to get in or out)
How to get to the surf spots the Islan in Pto Chicama or Mal Paso surf point
Chicama Island waves start in Mal Paso ending very far from the short. 
4 km walking distance from the town.
The Island wave Chicama.jpg
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