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Peru Surf Trips offers:

Please read all the information about our Peru´s surf tour guide for people who would like to do these surf trips by themselves - Check at the end of this page all the information.


Travel from Lima to Chicama in a round trip or just one way  minimun time recomended - one week for $100  per day include:

  • Modern car 

  • Surf tour guide English speaker

  • Surf all the surf spots on the way  for your level

  • Surf pictures with camara Nikkon with lens Sigma Telephoto 150-600mm 5-6.3 contemporary DG OS HSM 

  • Cultural tours apart of surf are available on request

  • Surf all the best surf spots around Punta Hermosa, Lima, Bermejo, Huanchaco, Chicama, Poemape, Pacasmayo and secrets surf spots on the way.

Not include :

  • Meals

  • Fuel

  • Staying

  • Surf equipment 

Private surf trip for one week all inclusive $1200 USD from  Lima to Chicama in round trip or just one way include:

  • 3 meals a day

  • Private room with private bathroom

  • Modern van or car

  • Surf board

  • Surf pictures with camara Nikkon with lens Sigma Telephoto 150-600mm 5-6.3 contemporary DG OS HSM 

  • Cultural tours apart of surf are available on request

  • Surf the best surf spots in Peru now Punta Hermosa and all around, Bermejo, Chicama, Poemape, Pacasmayo 

Chicama to Mancora for one week  per 1200 USD

Chicama, Poemape, Pacasmayo, Lobitos, Piscinas, Cabo Blanco, Mancora 

Winter offer from May until November .-Normal price $1200 USD all inclisive per one week per person from December to March

  • We would drive you to all the surf spots in Peru we offers differents packages  starting from Lima  or Trujillo city and ending in the border with Ecuador up north Peru or  in the border with Chile South of Peru.

  • We offer surf trips from:

  • haft day

  •  1 day

  •  2 days and more... All depend on you.

Surf trip Peru Chicama & Cusco


The Machu Picchu surf package starts in Lima and goes north all the way to Chicama; visiting these surf spots: Centinela, Bermejo,  Huanchaco , Chicama, Pacasmayo and other secret spots.

Then goes south to Lima; and visits these surf spots: La Herradura,  Punta Hermosa, Punta Rocas, Caballeros, Señoritas, San Bartolo, Puerto Viejo, Cerro Azul also some other secrets surf spots.

You will then be transported to Cusco to begin your Machu Picchu adventure. Afterwards you will return to Lima for your flight home. Within reason, we can customize your tour to your specifications which can also include some of the following options: Ballestas Island, Huacachina, Ica sand boarding experience, dune buggy experience, winery tours, Nazca lines, etc. 

Write us for more information


Peru surf trips Chicama 


Starting in Lima, this surf tour hits the best surf spots in the Lima area and goes all the way to Pacasmayo stopping in Punta Hermosa, Punta Rocas, Pico Alto, Caballeros, Señoritas, San Bartolo, Peñascal, Puerto Viejo,

Centinela, Bermejo, Playa Grande, Huanchaco, Chicama , Pacasmayo and other secret surf spots.

Mínimum days 7 nights 6


Starting in Trujillo, this surf trip visits Huanchaco, Chicama , Pacasmayo and other secret surf spots.

Mínimum 3 days 2 nights


Starting in Trujillo, this surf trip visits Huanchaco, Chicama, Pacasmayo, Lobitos, Cabo Blanco, Mancora and other secret surf spots.

Mínimum 7 days 6 nights

Peru Surf Trips Mancora


Starting in Lima, this surf tour hits the best surf spots in the Lima area and goes all the way to Mancora making stops in Punta Hermosa, Punta Rocas,  Pico Alto, Caballeros, Señoritas, San Bartolo, Peñascal, Puerto Viejo,

Centinela, Bermejo, Playa Grande, Huanchaco, Chicama , Pacasmayo, Lobitos, Cabo Blanco, Mancora and other secret surf spots.

Mínimum 13 days 12 nights 


Surf Trip Starting in Trujillo


this surf trip will hit  the best surf spots from Trujillo to Mancora  starting in Huanchaco, Chicama , Pacasmayo, Lobitos, Cabo Blanco, Mancora and other secret surf spots.

Mínimum 7 days 6 nights


backpackers surf trips


You can hire a surf tour guide from any of our locations and start your surf trip by bus from Punta Hermosa, Lima, or From Chicama or Trujillo to Lima.


You can also rent one  car from us and one tour guide and start  your trip from Lima. Where all the flights land  first in Peru.

Travel from Lima all the way to Mancora  2 hours from the  border with Ecuador country.


If you want advise on how to do your surf trip in Peru contact us we would be glad to help you.



 Half Day Surf Trips 


You can  travel from Chicama to Pacasmayo , Poemape, Huanchaco  every day from our surf camp. 

Only request is :

Book your trip with time in advance 

Pay minimun fee $50 per a private surf trip or a group surf trip $10 per person for a minimun of 5 people.


 What I need to know about surf trips in Peru ?


1) Lima airport is first location you will arrive as it is the only international airport in Peru.

This mean that you can take advantage of the waves that are around here.

2) How ever not all the beaches in Lima and waves in Lima are good for you to visit,. 

Here there are some beaches that you do not want to see for the crowed or for the danger. 

A) La Herradura Lima  (Popular with a lot people with good level)

B) Miradlores beaches  (Rocky with a lot of people)

3) Going South of Lima  (San Bartolo in summer time crowed not only with local surfers with good level but  also surf schools with a lot of kids as the waves here are normally small but very consistent.

Rocky beaches with a lot urchin )

5) If you are beginner or intermediate.- Maybe you want to avoid Miraflores, Señoriatas, Caballeros, Punta Rocas, El Huayco, La Herradura, San Bartolo. 

San Bartolo especially from November to April that all the kids are ending school and are on holidays.

All those beaches are rocky and some of them have waves around the 4 meters high.  

6) If you want to come in this area and you are not advance surfer you might want to have a surf tour guide instructor that can go with you on the water.

7) For the people that want to do it by yourself. You should know this:

A) Airport rental cars cost about $50 USD per day sedan auto approximately  and the  4WD call in Spanish in Peru ( offroad trucks, 4x4) cost about $70 to $100 per day 


8) Would I need a 4WD?


A) There is not need  for a 4WD as most popular waves like Punta Hermosa area in Lima, Chicama, Pacasmayo, Lobitos, Cabo Blanco areas has dirt road. 

You only need a 4WD if you are going to the desert .


B) Nonuras (Bayovar desert)

C) Paracas  area South Punta Hermosa about 4 hours  

D) Ilo about 17 hours South from Lima 

E) If you want to surf or explore areas that are not on the most popular waves you will need a 4WD.

9) Road Tolls:


A) This is a really big problem in Peru every 60 kilometers there is one of this road tolls that cost you about 10 soles to 14 and 16 soles  ( 3 Dollars to 5 Dollars in some areas)

B) Road tolls can cost you almost the same than you spend in gasoline.

10) Police officer are normally corrupt ( not all of them but  most of the poblation call the police corrupt) So if you want to travel by yourself here you must speack Spanish to know how to deal with that.

Police strategy to charge you money:

A) Police would ask you for your documents and hold your documents for long time pretending they are looking for records or something on the computer.

While normaly good cups  retorn you the document after 5 minutes, bad cups try to pass long time looking to invent infrigments.


B) You can pass long time waiting on the road and they even can take you to the police station looking for you to get desperate.


You can lost one day of surfing or a couple of hours at least going around in circles with this police drama.

11) How Much I spend in Gasoline in a surf trip:

a) Gas cost about 17.90 soles per gallon

b) From Lima a sedan car full tank in a motor 1.2 cost you 120 soles per 400 km aprox and the road tolls cost you 80 soles aprox.

Problems renting a car:

a) Rent cars in Peru can be a big problem when you are going to pass through shrubbery, cities with a lot of traffic, cities withou parking areas,etc.

A) If the plants make a line on paint. The company will charge you $100 to fixe each line.

b) Really the lines are actually very unseen that you can really think that this was on the car when you rent it or problably they are cheating on you.

So please be very carfull with that .

c) Remenber that cars compannies has your credict cars and they charge first and then you can complain.

12) Thieves. - If you do not know about 

A) How to recognize

B) Where are they 

You better  get a tour guide because there are many towns where you can be stole only for parking in wrong street.

13) Parking on the cities like Lima and Trujillo became a business to pick up cars for parking in wrong places. Can cost you $500 dollars to get the car back from a deposit and pay the ticket fee.

Solution look for parking business cost from 4 soles per hours to 15 soles per hour in the good turist district on cities like Lima.

14) Surf Tour Guide:

Many people get some problems wirh surf tour guides some of them has been in a few years doing this.

Some surf tours guide has been involved with drog problems 

Some other with records on jail 

Try to always hire companies that work for long time that has records about their work so you thrust 

People and companies that are doing this job without problems

Difficult to say as the old tour guides has been retire and new has many mistakes that do not show on internet.

I will work on give you some more names in the future 

English Speackers Surf Tours Guides 20 years experience working 

Please if you want to contact them tell them that you come through My Surf Camp Peru that would help us  keep this website working.

Punta Hermosa  area Bravo Camp +51 930 547 593 



Punta Rocas 


San Bartolo



Puerto V

Chicama  area Victor Kufat  + 51 994 088 564 and Lima area.


Playa Grande

Punta Araña 

Cerro Negro 





Mancora area Salvatore Sanguinetti +51 956 028 935









15) Bringing your surf equipment or not?

A) The first things to think in bringing your surf equipment could be the price on the airline from your country to Peru ( is about $100 aprox for a board but it can get $150 depends on the airline)

B) All the covers for the surf boards are also another cost that many people do not think about it. 

C) Transfer your surf board in Peru with local airline can cost you like buying other seat on the plane.


The plane ticket in Peru cost $30 if you get it with time in advance (1 month before) and it does not include the  luggage.

Luggage cost  you about $25 USD aproximately ( 1.58 cm high and weith 23 kl)

All airport taxes cost you about $15 Dollars aproximately.

the cost of suitcases in the airplane also changes when you carry suitcases that exceed the normal size of suitcases 1.58 cm high and weith 23kl.

Could be another $30 Dollars  or more.

D) Sending your  surf boards by bus and you flying without your surf boards.


This could be a good solution but you did not think that busses do not arrive at the same time than planes so you need to sent it a few days before (this mean that you would spend days without surfing and spending money  in room, meals, etc, doing nothing while your surf travel through Peru)

E) Renting surf boards may be is good idea for many people.

I will give you more information about surf trips in Peru in the next days if you have any questions you always can write us.

We are here to help.

16) Travel to Machu Picchu and surf is not that easy.

A) Machu Picchu is one our flight from Lima and 3 hours train trip.

B) Machu Picchu is 24 hours bus trip unstop from Lima 

C) Machu Picchu is about 16 hours drive to find the ocean 

D) Macchu Picchu is on the South and the most popular waves are up North 

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