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All you need to know before you get to Mancora.

Mancora is located 3 hours from Ecuador, is one of the hotest or warm areas from Peru like Tumbes that is next to Ecuador.

Mancora has one of the greatest beaches from Peru actually for the water tempetures that attract peruvians from the south of Peru ¨as in the south the sea tempeture is colder than this area¨

The beaches are sandy in this area, the color of the water is light green and there are a lot of activities at beach compare to other beaches in Tumbes or Piura cities that are the closest cities from Mancora.Both cities are 3 hours approximately and there are a lot of beaches in between Mancora and cities but none of them has this :

Parties, bars, hotels, surf, kite,  whales watching, snorkeling with turtles are most popular things you can get from this town from 1 hour drive trip approximately.

The History

The story dates back to May 6, 1986, when a young couple fell in love with one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, deciding to transform their lives and create an opportunity for the area, attracting national and foreign tourists to this beach.

All what you need to know 


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