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Location :
In the Central Coast of Peru in the city of Lima, district of Punta Hermosa by the Km 45 of the  South Panamericana 

Kind of wave :
Reef-break, strong left, long and tubular.
Can reach the 3 meters aprox. For advanced surfers. 

Sea performance :
Cold water, variable fluent accords the waves. Best period in summer, with the highs of the north hemisphere. Waves all the year.
Average temperature: 16°C. 

Weather :
In summer is very warm. In winter is moderate and moist with light rains. Not below the 12°C y doesn't goes up 28°C. 

Access :
In the Km 35 of the Panamericana South take detour by the road in your right (old highway) reaching through the Punta Hermosa Town, from where the access is for all kind of vehicle. 

Services :

Señorita beach indeed do not have nothing to offer for comertial . A few years ago the new  houses  for rich people together with the Punta Hermosa´s Mayor close all the restorant that were here.

Now  after you surf if you want to eat, sleep, club you need to go to La PLanicie Punta Hermosa  which is the closes place for you to eat or sleep or center town of Punta Hermosa. 

Señoritas  is very safe ,clean beach  and the wave is the only left in Punta Hermosa district.

The access is only for recidents but you can park your car 3 blocks  away from the beach and walk .


Also you can stay with us in My Surf Camp Peru and walk from here 200 meters to the beach.

Surf shops 3 blocks from here 


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