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Punta Hermosa, Peru!
  • A small surf town just 1.5 hr south of Lima city.
  • World renowned for having the most consistent waves in the world.
  • Year round waves.
  • Hometown of many national surf champions and  local surfers, We will welcomes tourist surfers from all over the world with open arms. Former world champions like Sofia Mulanovich and Mark Occhilupo, Rob Machado can be found here.
  • We will welcome you with Peruvian hospitality, excellent food, a relaxed atmosphere and all that you'll need to enjoy Peru's incredible surf scene and  longest waves.
The History

.The district of Punta Hermosa was founded on April 7, 1954, separating itself from the district of Lurín, by law No. 12095, during the government of President Manuel Odría2​ and the Crnl was mayor. Francisco de Sales Torres. Its limits were modified by law 24613. This district was one of the first resorts in the south of Lima, along with Punta Negra and San Bartolo. After the population crisis of the 1980s in the north of Lima, where the exclusive resorts of Ancón and Santa Rosa are located, several wealthy families decided to look for a better place for their beach houses and their summer establishment. And that is why they chose the southern area as Punta Hermosa, because it was a large area to industrialize, with better weather and air quality.


The town has all type of services like restorants, clubs, bars, hotels, markets, surf schools, surf camps
stores and medical center only to check with a Doctor (not hospitals, banks, money exchange, luxury hotels )
Restorant like Don Angelo has been recommend in La PLanicie Punta Hermosa. Cost per dish 50 soles aprox.
There are other restorants call Menu that are cheap 15 soles aprox ( go to the center market) Ask for Cecilia or most popular La Ceci. There are also intermediate restorants that cost 35 soles like Susan beside the sport coliseum.

Makkis 60 soles, Pollo Alabraza 20 soles , Pizza 60 soles, Burgers 20 soles open mostly at night time.
Cevicherias and sea food are most popular here.

ATM Are located in the Gas station 4 kilometers from Punta Hermosa town.
Surf lessons cost $40  or 120 soles aprox  same for SUP lessons.
There are a few martial art places like Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai.
Private room can cost you about $40 per night
Surf trips cost about $200 per day from here to any where.

Renting apartament and houses are very popular for people from Lima.
Houses can cost from 5000 to 10 000 American Dollars for 3 months in summer time all depend where is located the house.

The geography looks like a desert here there is not green 



.1) Punta Hermosa has about 7 beaches El Silencio, Caballeros, Señoritas, Playa Norte, Playa Central, Playa Blanca, Kontiki.
No all of them let you get in with car (Private or something like that)

2) Cars has been towing and pay ticket for $300 to $400 aprox for parking in areas that are not permit.

3) Restorants and other business are not English speakers and not English written also.

4) Surf school are not in English only My Surf camp Peru and another call Bagus.

5) Surf Camp in English My Surf Camp Peru and Bravo Surf Camp 

6) Club are not into town so you need to walk 1 to 4 km to find the clubs or take a taxi that cost 10 to 15 soles aprox.

7) If you can here for sun this place only sun shines from December to March also there are days on that time that are cloudy.

8) If you are looking for sandy beaches that are flat ( do not has deep water on the short) this not the beach you are looking for most of the are deep on the short  with mean not good for kids)

9) Surf spots are mostly with good waves ( for advance or intemediate I would say)

10) Surf spots mostly are rocky point breacks not for beginners at all but with good experience teachers you always can learn here.

11) Saturdays and Sundays the beaches are full of people also on the waves. Try to not come on those days 

12) Punta Hermosa do not permit camping at the beach same for futbol, volley, dogs walking and bringing glass bottles, meals, radios with noise volum or alcohol.

13) If you rent a apartment you are not allowed to make noise up to 10:00 Pm so not parties with hight volum.

14) Waves are big from May to September no really good idea to learn to surf here at that time.

15) either way there is no sun from May To September and the water is cold at time of year 

16) There are guards every where and gates to not allow to enter cars in every beach. They will only open the gates if you have a stiker that permit you enter. Every beach has a stiker with a different color.


 About US


My  Surf Camp  Punta Hermosa offer:

  • Safe and comfortable accommodations, just 200 m from the beach and many waves

  • Double and single rooms with private bath and a dorm room with a shared bath

  • 3 great meals a day (Peruvian and international fare)

  • Common room for relaxing, book exchange, board games, movies, etc.

  • Free wireless internet

  • Patio with hammocks for chillin' out with a book or a beer after a day of surfing

  • Daily transport to the local waves (17 within 100 km, 6 within walking distance)

  • Day surf trips to other nearby areas like Puerto Viejo, Cerrro Azul and secrets spots

  • Day tours to archeological sites like Pachacamac, Lima city tour and more

  • Adventures tours to like  hiking Rupac the little Lima´s Machu Picchu, or  Amazone exploration, Ayahuasca retreat, UFO  exploration Marcahuasi trekk, rock clibing, Brazialian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai,trekking, 

  • Surf trips all along the coast

  • Optional Spanish lessons,  surf lessons, stand up paddle lessons, SUP tours, horseback riding.

  • Surf boards rentals, SUP surf rental , stand up paddle rental, wetsuits rental , car rental, surf photography and tour guides hire.

  • Great people with lots of knowledge of the area and the coast

  • We are My Surf Camp Peru. We opened our first surf camp  in Punta Hermosa 14 years ago. After  working as a surf tour agency call Surfari´s Peru  for 4 more years successfully  accomodating tourists  surfers from all around the world, coaching them and helping them to get the best from our culture. we are glad to introduce you our new location in Chicama beach, where we will provide the same level of service, quality, and positive energy. PLease if you are coming to  Punta Hermosa and you are thinking in going to the north Chicama is your best destination.

  • Activity Planner

  • In house taxi service 

  • Hair dryers available

  • Luggage storage (free short term)

  • Travel agency inside the Hostel for any local destination 

  • No curfew

  • Our goal is to give you the best possible Punta Hermosa surf  trip experience.                                                                                                                                                      

Check our surf camps destintions in Peru  to compare quality waves, surf season, weather, summer season, prices and services, before you go to Peru.

Get to know or ask some information about surf camps in Peru. Many people in the world are using this name for only surf lessons or surf schools but a surf camp is a place that offer all tipes services for all surf levels.

Rather you are a Pro surfer looking to have a pipe waves on your life or just are beginner seeking to surf lessons, the surf camp or surf trips through all peru´s waves.

The surf camp is a perfect idea for you.


We feel sorry for the lodgings, hostels in Peru that use the name of surf camps for having one board to rent when the name of surf camp fills all kinds of services that a surfer can need like surf trips, Surf courses, Coach surfing train, Surf equipment rentals, tranfers, diets,  surf pictures, surf videos, surf information and beyond that is our surf camps idea.

Located in different location in Peru for many reason:


1) Waves potential  Chicama, Punta Hermosa, Bermejo

2) Near access to big cities in 1 hour ride Chicama, Punta Hermosa

3) Airports access to make easy to conect with all over Peru with a flitht

4) Only Surf Camp that offer traditional tent services in Peru at Bermejo beach.

5) Punta Hermosa to be the area of the bigest wave in Peru and also for the variety of waves.

6) Chicama named at longest left wave in the word and perfection shape on the waves for all kind of levels.

Why to choose a surf camp and not a surf trip?


1) Cheaper than surf trips that cost double or triple a surf camp could be a good option to save money and get to know other country.


2) Get to know more the waves as you  have more chances " more time to spend on the same wave  to get the waves in better condition than having a surfari around Peru".


Please clik on the link above to see more information  about our surf camps in Peru to compare which is the best for your level and budget

Please check the video below to give you a general idea about our work at the surf camps in Peru. We offer surf camps for all levels ( beginners, intermediate, advanced) 




Please remenber that your safety  is first. If you are coming to surf but you do not know well how to surf. PLease take your surf  class as your life is first. You will be thank full taking the surf lessons .

All the packages offered below has a free pick up and drop off from the airport , if you come for less days you will have to pay for the airport transfers separed


  • pick-up and drop-off in Lima airport

  • private room with private bath (24 hr hot water)

  • 3 great meals a day

  • daily transport to local waves in and out Punta Hermosa

  • Limited internet access (including wireless)

  • all day tea and coffee (while it lasts)

          $ US Per Week

New offer from May to November -

Free wetsuit and board for 7 days !!



   LEARN-TO-SURF (or Stand-up Paddle)- BEGINNERS PACKAGE includes:

  • pick-up and drop-off in Lima airport

  • private room with private bath (24 hr hot water)

  • 3 great meals a day

  • equipment rental (board and wetsuit) for one week

  • 1.5 hr surfing lesson daily with experienced, English-speaking surf instructor  (additional lessons are available)

  • daily transport to the local waves until 45 kilometers depending on the waves 

  • internet access (including wireless)

  • all day tea and coffee (while it lasts)

          $ US Per Week

Now  $ New offer from May to November !


  • pick-up and drop-off in  Lima 

  • private room with private bath (24 hr hot water)

  • 3 great meals a day

  • 1 hrs of Spanish lessons daily (additional lessons available at a surcharge)

  • daily transport to the nearest waves like Punta Rocas , San Bartolo, Arica,and secrets surf spots

  • internet access (including wireless)

  • all day tea and coffee (while it lasts)

         $ US Per Week

New offer from May to November -Surf lessons and surf equipment for free for 7 days 

           Stand up paddle surf lessons & tours

  • pick-up and drop-off in Lima airport

  • private room with private bath (24 hr hot water)

  • 3 great meals a day

  • equipment rental (board and wetsuit) for one week

  • 1.5 hr sup lesson daily with experienced, English-speaking surf instructor (additional lessons are available)

  • daily transport to the local SUP spots

  • tour around the town

  • internet access (including wireless)

  • all day tea and coffee (while it lasts)

  • Stand up paddle tour watch sea lions, penguins, pelicans and more

  • $ per week per person


  • pick-up and drop-off in Lima  airport 

  • private room with private bath (24 hr hot water)

  • 3 great meals a day

  • daily transport to the waves , and secrets spots

  • internet access (including wireless)

  • all day tea and coffee (while it lasts)


          $ US Per Week per person

 Single services

  • Equipment rental (board  $10 to $15 ,wetsuit $10 

  • 1.5 hr surf lesson with experienced, English-speaking surf instructor  $40

  • 1.5 hr sup lesson with experienced, English-speaking surf instructor  $40

  • Daily transport to the local surf or SUP spots $15

  • Meals $15 each

  • Private room  with private bathroom cost $25 per night from April 15 to  December 01 / 2018 . From December to April $40 per night

Remenber that single services cost more money than a package in long terms stay

Remenber that learing to surf is not possible in one class , you need time to get  to enjoy

Other services 

  • Pick up from the airport or Lima cost $70

  • Pachacamac tours $50 per person  

  • City Tour in Lima  $70  or minimun 2 people   

  • Internet access (including wireless)

  • Stand up paddle tour watch sea lions, penguins, pelicans 

  • Trekking Tour to Lucumo $70  minimun 2 people

  • Trekking Tour to Rupac the Lima´s little Machupicchu $350  minimun 2 people  include entrances fee  and tour guide in English, donkey, tent,sleeping bug, 6 hours drive each way, 2 days tours, all meals include

  • pick up from the airpor in Lima $70 each or minimun 2 people $35 per person 

  • souvenier like Punta Hermosa T-shirt $20

  • vegetarian meals $

  • cooking classes in our camp $20 per class 1 dish per class 1 hour duration aproximate

  • Jiu Jitsu class $20 private  groups $10 each person only in Chicama 

  • Snorkel class $70 all equipment include only Punta Hermosa 

  • Sand board 1 full day  $100 per person Only in Punta Hermosa 

  • Yoga class class 1 hour a day basic levels  $10 per person  

Remenber  all  the services need to be book with time in advance 
 WhatApp 51+ 994088564




Mz-86- Lote 12 Puerto Chicama 

Beside the Hotel Iguana, Hostel Ola Azul

Mz R Lote 24  La Planicie Punta Hermosa , Lima , Peru.


Beside PLaya Caballeros  




Tel: 51- 994-088-564 mobile English speakers WhatApp 


My Surf Camp Peru central office

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