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Which are the best beaches in Peru to surf according to your level of surfing? 

 Did you know that many of our clients were wrong at first time when choosing beaches to learn to surf in Peru and wasted their time and money thinking that they could choose alone without studying the subject to choose a surf spot in Peru.

I tell you a little about the testimonies of our clients and their mistakes choosing the beaches for their surf trip.


1) I wanted to learn to surf and I went to Máncora in August but there were no waves there and after 3 days of searching for waves on the beach of Máncora I found on internet that Chicama always has good waves for beginners and advance. So I decided to go there and leave the area of ​​Máncora and Órganos. 


2) I wanted to learn to surf and I saw on the internet good testimonials about surf schools in Makaha beach - Costa Verder - Miraflores - Lima Peru but nobody told me that the beach is all rocky ( full of stones) and is always cloudy from May to December.


3) I saw a surf school in Punta Hermosa online and I came to Punta Hermosa because it is the cradle of surfing in Peru but I did not know that the waves were so strong and very big for beginners and almost all the beaches around there are for levels intermediate and advanced. The climate is gray most of the year around except from December to March. Then I did some research on internet  and I went to Pto  Chicama. I found out the waves were smaller, the waves are less strong and the weather is sunny 10 months of the year.


Here we will answer all the questions and doubts you have about where is the best beach in Peru according to your level so  you won´t get confused in choosing a surf trip and you won´t waste your money or  your time by choosing the wrong beach.


Remember: To choose a surf trip you should first know that Peru has many beaches and each area has a season of large, medium and small waves. All waves and beaches are different in currents, bottoms, winds, temperatures, climates and etc.


Ask by mail or our whatapp 99 408 8564 and we will help you choose a good beach for your level, your type of sport (bodyboard, SUP surf, longboard, funboard, shortboard, foil surf, windsurf or kitesurf.

If you are an expert you must know that Punta Hermosa area is a good area for yo.  Waves are All year round but there is not sun from April to December.

If you are an expert and you would like to get some Sun ( Mancora or the area from Talara to Tumbes is the best for you) Waves are good from November to March but you have to know that there is a lot of competition in the water in that area (it is very crowded and aggressive)


​ If you are an expert and you like lonely or less crowded beaches. Pacasmayo, Poemape, Chicama, Bemejo (Ancash and La Libertad) is a good option, easy to enter, it does not have  aggressive locals, there are waves all year round.


​ I hope this information helps you on your journey.

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Which surf beaches are better according to the beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional level.

Undoubtedly some frequently questions from our clients over the years were... where they can surf according to their surfing levels in a large country like Peru?


 It was difficult to decide which beaches in Peru are best for each level but we can finally help you.

From our own experience living and guiding surfers in Peru for more than 20 years. This is our humble opinion.


The best place for intermediate, advanced, beginners and the reasons why we chose this place from 1 to 10.


Beginners level :


1) Puerto Chicama Peru: - Because it is a beach with fine sand compared to the Beaches of the Green Coast in Lima that are made of stone and if you are in the Trujillo area without a doubt Pto Chicama is better than Huanchaco beach: - Because it has a sandy bottom where the wave breaks, which makes it safer for all levels compared to its neighboring beaches Huanchaco and Pacasmayo. - For withstanding waves of all sizes and always maintaining a wave that does not close, that does not have the risk of pushing yourself to the stones as in Señoritas, Caballeros, Punta Hermosa, San Bartolo Lima Peru beaches. - For having a strong current from south to north that takes everyone away and gives everyone the opportunity to catch waves. Compared to Lobitos and Máncora that have no current and that means that all advanced players are always in the waves without leaving any opportunity for beginners or intermediates. -Because the beach has a kilometer of wave that guarantees many empty spaces so that a beginner has more opportunity and security in catching waves while the beaches mentioned above, because they are smaller, reduce the opportunities to catch waves and advance in the waves. -Because of having waves all year round while in Beaches like Máncora Piura they do not enjoy having waves all year round or at least with that frequency that Chicama has. -Because of the duration of the wave (With a kilometer of travel it guarantees you time for reflection, fun and learning. - A world flag wave with the grace of a wave for beginners, intermediate and advanced. -Access to the beach and services

2) Lobitos, although it has many expert wave surfers, is better to learn here because it has more months of waves per year than its neighboring Mancora and Organos beach, which only have waves for 3 months from December to March approx. Lobitos has fewer people in the water than Mancora and Organos which makes learning in the water easier in Lobitos etc. The good thing is that they are sandy beaches, they have sun all year round and the water is warmer in this area. So if you are in Piura it is the most recommended beach.


3) Cerro Azul although we are in a tie with Playa Puerto Viejo which is closer to Lima and which is better than its neighboring beaches of Punta Hermosa and San Bartolo for being sandy, because the current does not push you against the stones, why not They have a lot of people like Punta Hermosa and San Bartolo. Its only drawback is that it does not have a town yet and services are limited. Cerro Azul is better for the services and has the same wave quality. The problems of these 4 beaches mentioned is that they cannot withstand large floods and the season of large floods in Peru is from May to September. Although you can always surf on the small days it is to choose during those the appropriate days.


4) Playa Bermejo Barranca is the best to learn to surf in the Barranca and Huarmey area, but like Puerto Viejo it has no services.


5) Makaha Beach in the Lima area for withstanding large floods and keeping its small waves near the rocky shore, for having waves all year round to learn but not for being always full of people for being in the same city of Lima. It is exactly the dream beach, it is not the perfect place, it does not have the perfect climate, it does not have the perfect bottom but it has the constancy of Chicama waves. Mancora should go in fifth place but it does not have waves all year round like this place and in the end it is about surfing on your trip not visiting the most beautiful beaches in Peru. The best beaches for intermediate level:

Intermediate Level:

1)Puerto Chicama.

Due to the climate 10 months of year sunny, consistent waves all year around, resistance to big swells without loosing organize on the waves, not loosing the shape of the waves with big swells and never passing the 2.50 meters  height that request intermediate average surfers in Peru, sandy beach to be safe for hiiting the ground, nice landscape that seen to be on mars, friendly access to the town, basic services on the town.

2) Lobitos

3) Huanchaco

4) Cerro Azul, Puerto Viejo

5) Punta Hermosa The Island,

6) Bermejo Beaches for experts or advanced we do not evaluate funds or accident risks in this because it is for experts. Likewise, we do not evaluate services or accessibility. We evaluate wave quality, consistency, and size 2.5 meters up


A) Cabo Blanco, although it only works in November and part of December, has its neighbor Panic Point next door, which does work many more months of the year. The problem of this place would be that you always find people and that since there is no current in the sea, these people are always at the starting point of the wave (50 people at least in the water in the same place, all willing to fight it aggressively ) The first place can be fought with Nunura or Punta Mero although the Cabo tube has no comparison, Nunura can be the first place because it is a good tube but it is always without people because it does not have access without four-wheel drive vehicles and the long hours driving in the desert they make it complicated, a current in the water that makes it difficult to return to the point of the wave.


B) Pacasmayo for its size, power and having the second longest wave position in Peru, its consistency, its shape and not having heavy people in the water like Cabo Blanco, Panic Point or Mancora.


C) Chicama for being the longest left wave in Peru, it is said that in the world, due to its consistency throughout the year but only from April to September for those who like to see the big wave and because it always has a perfect shape for maneuvers with tubular sections.


D) Lobitos for being a medium wave with a perfect shape in the wave but with much less travel and less size than Pacasmayo and a smaller and not perfect tube like Cabo takes fourth place because the bad thing is that you will always find a lot of people when the wave is good but the beach is beautiful and the weather is also sunny.


E) Punta Ceviche although always full of people and it is not a paradisiacal beach at all, on the contrary it is not a beach it is more a small fishing port where there are many barge boats on the shore and small cevicherias in line one next to the other Let's say it's to go wave riding only.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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