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Best 5 Surf Spost in Peru

Certainly Peru has one of the best surf spots in the world. And that's why we want to inform surfers around the world with the right information.

Whether you are looking for waves for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Peru has everything in one country.

1 Cabo Blanco.- The best pipe in Peru, although it is said that other waves have been found as good as this one. It is still considered the best tubular wave in the country.

Undoubtedly its white sand, the turquoise color of the water , a tube of approximately 150 meters long completely tubular from the beginning to the end of the wave. For that reason this place is the best place for an advanced surfer or professional surfers and also for any surf lover of the best gift that surfing can give to a surfers. (Tubes from 1.5 meters to 3.5 meters high) Many people feel more than blessed with this wave. Undoubtedly if you are looking for tubular waves this is the place you could not miss in Peru. Additionally its climate with a sun that shines every day of the year. This place is the favorite place of the advanced and professional surfers from Peru.

2 San Gallan The best right wave in Peru.

Known for only experienced surfers because of its difficulty in access and the distance it takes to take a boat to reach an island 2 hours in the middle of the ocean. San Gallan is the most perfect right wave from Peru. And although it is not totally tubular like Cabo Blanco it has a tubular section and it is understood that it is a wave of 1.5 meters to 2.5 meters high.

The Adventure of seeing and surfing with sea lions also form an additional attraction for the visitors. It is inside a national park of conservation of marine life for what we must respect and not go down or disembark on the island.

3 Chicama The longest wave in Peru and considered the longest left wave in the world.

Chicama is undoubtedly a perfect wave for all levels of surfing. For its great beaches of thin and fine sand and its different sections in the wave, which move in an orderly manner. The wave always moves in the same direction. That make this beach very open for all levels. It has tubular sections,flat sections, ramp sections for maneuvers and foams sectios for apprentices.

4 Pico Alto the biggest wave of Peru in Punta Hermosa

Although it is not concider for shortwave surfers. Pico Alto is the most popular wave for big wave riders in Peru. For that reason we can not stop mentioning Pico Alto and in the same way mention its 8 meters of height in big swells and its 5 meters in small swells.

But the most important thing is that it is in the district of Punta Hermosa. Which Punta Hermosa has a lot of waves in an area of ​​only 5 kilometers, so we will highlight recommend Punta Hermosa. The place where it lodges the greater amount of waves. Also international level as well as waves for beginners in a small range of 5 kilometers.

5 Punta Rocas for its waves and for being the most consistent wave in Peru.

The wave of Punta Rocas is a wave for advanced surfers. Also is popular for international championship are always make at this beach. It has 4 meters high and 400 meters long. It breaks for both sides. Right and Left but the right is the most aggressive.

The beach is beautiful but it is not for swimmers although it is sandy and the waves break on the shore with force.

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