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5 Things to do before a surf trip to Peru

Dangerous Peru.- Many people think that Peru is dangerous and it is true but it is only in some areas. The solution is simple... Not to go through places that are dangerous. The problem is ...When you travel through the cities, the dangerous part are on the end of the cities. While the central and tourist parts are the safest. If you decide to travel through Peru as a backpacker it is all right. But please do not expect or think that you will never have problems or if you lose something on the way do not get upset for it...Remember that travel cheap it has always some problem on the way. ( Late busses, tide busses, smelling busses, robbers, get lost in the middle of no where, stomach pain, diarrhea while you are traveling on the buss and other isues. Remenber that you are a lucky person when that happen to you or may be you just discover that you are a dreamer. It is better to spend a little more money and not lose surfing hours on your holidays in Peru. Hire a surf guide and be happy enjoy more hours of surfing, have fun on your vacations and enjoy life. I think that is the goal of a vacation trip. Wha do you think ?

2) Vegetarians .- Many do not know that Peru does not have a vegetarian culture. The solution is to look for vegetarian surf camps because you will not find a vegetarian restaurant in most of the surf places you will go.

3) Travel by bus with a surfboard in Peru .- It's the worst thing you can do in this country. But we understand the feeling that surfers have with their surf boards. Leave your surfboard at home is not easy-The conceited one! That's painful but on the other hand you're taking care of your surfboard because the buses here are very bad and it is uncomfortable to be worry all the time for your surf board while you are in holidays. Also you save money on the flight if you do not bring your surf board to Peru. This would be the best thing to do. Rent a car, hire a surf guide and put your surf board on top and for get about it.

4) It is better that you bring a large sum of money because withdrawing money from the bank or the ATM costs $ 5 USD or more for every $ 400 and believe me that only buying a surfboard , or a tour in Machu Picchu you willd spend all that money. Pay all through internet before you come to Peru and bring cash with you for all the rest of your trip

Because you do not want to loose half day on the bank telling the accounter to call to your bank to see why you can not withdraw money from the ATM

5 Before coming to Peru please visit your doctor and tell him that many people here get sick from the stomach due to bacterias in food and water. It would be better if you bring your pills with you before coming to Peru - That way you will not lose extra money and surf time. That's why the solution is to hire a recommended surf camp so you do not will get sick

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