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Best 10 places to visit in Peru

1 Visit MAchu Picchu should not take longer the 4  days and no minimun than 3 days 

If you want to surf and visit Machu Picchu I will recommend you 11 days  minimun time or 3 days surf and 4 days Machu Picchu


Surf in Punta Hermosa would be your best option as all the flight land in Lima and you would be just 2 hours away driving from the airport to Punta Hermosa beach the most consistent area of wave or surf in the world 

2 Tambo Pata .-Nacional reserve or Pacaya Samiria national reserve

3 Nazca Line 

4 Lake Titicaca 

5 Kuelap 

6 Sand Dune Ica

7 Ballestas Island 

8 Huaraz trekk 

9 Rupac

10 Cotahuasi


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