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Cerro Azul Surf wave surf spots 

Cerro Azul


Location :
In the central Coast of Peru, in the city of Lima, by the Km 136 of the South Panamericana.

Kind of wave :
Left, tubular and long the wave breaks in front of the town. When the sea grows up, a right waves breaks in the other side of the jetty, quick, strong and tubular. 

Perfect for beginner, intermediate and advance surfers.


Sand beach .

Sea performance :
Strong Rips. 

Weather :
Moderate and moist, very cold in winter. In the summer is very hot. 

Access :
In the Km 132 of the South Panamericana. You will find Cerro Azul town. 

Services :
The town Cerro Azul counts with  stores , restorants and hostels

There is not banks, ATM , gas station , no money exchange ,


All services in Cañete 30 minutes drive from Cerro Azul 

Surf report Cerro Azul

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