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Location :
In the Central Coast of Peru in the city of Lima, by the Km 46 of the Panamericana South, in the district of Punta Negra. 

Kind of wave :
Reef-break, left and right, long, big and strong with tubular section. Can extend through the 4 meters. Classic wave,  only for advanced surfers. 

Sea performance :
Cold water, variable fluent. Waves all the year. Best time to surf on our opinion in the summer time or from December to April
Average temperature: 16°C. 

Weather :
Very hot in summer, reaches the 28°C. In winter is moderate, moist, with light rains.
Would not fall bellow 12°C. 

Access :
In the Km 35 of the Panamericana South take the detour by the right (old highway) arriving to the town of Punta Negra. Punta Roca is the first beach of this town, situated in the north extreme. Apt for all kind of vehicles. 

Services :
Punta Negra counts with basic services like:

Water , electricity, restorant and night clubs but Punta Rocas... Only in summer  time is full of restonrants at the beach normally from  January to March there is one Hotel call las Hamacas  right in from of the waves alsmot but in winter time normally looks close. 

In winter time the restorants are close  so you need to go to the center town to get something to eat or you better bring your food to the beach.

To go to the center of Punta Negra is farder then going to the center of Punta Hermosa...This is the reasomn why most surfers prefer stay in Punta Hermosa than Punta Negra center town. Also because there are many more option of waves in Punta Hermosa than all the rest of beaches in Lima.

Dangeraous .- Punta Rocas in winter time is dangeraous as you will leave your car alone at the beach. Many surfers has lost their things by leaving their cars alone here. Also there were testimonials on fotographer that has been robbed for people with guns. 

If you want to leave your card  try to go with some else or drop your car in the parking low in the hotel Hamacas. Is not always open in winter time but with luck they will open the parking for you.

Banks.- No banks or ATM in Punta Rocas or Punta Negra 

Beginners surfers are not welcome to this beach as this waves is dangerous as this  break on top of rocks and the power of the waves is to much for beginner level.

PLease we know that there is some websites that say that this beach welcome beginners but most of the web sites are not creidible.

Make sure you go with profesional surf school, surf camps.

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