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Punta Hermosa surf waves information.


Location :
In the Central Coast of Peru, in the city of Lima, district of Punta Hermosa, by the Km 45 of the South Panamericana highway.

Kind of wave :
Reef-break, right, long and formed with tubular section. Can reach the 3 meters high. Waves for beginners and advanced surfers. 

Sea performance :
South fluent, from light to strong. Cold water, breaks all the year.
Average temperature: 16°C. 

Weather :
Moderate, moist, cold with light rains or warm, accord to the season.
Average temperature:
between 28°C and 12°C. 

Access :
In the Km 35 of the South Panamericana take the detour of the road in your right (this is the old highway), follow until the first gas station and turn to the right by the affirmed road until the parking lot. For all vehicles. 

Services :
All services in the city of Punta Hermosa. That is 3 minutes from the beach.

Suny  season only in summer time from January to April 

Winter season from May to August

Bigest time for waves and experience surfers winter time  about 3 to 4 meters waves but there are always good beaches for beginners on that time too but you need to drive away from Punta Hermosa on the days that the swell is big.

Small  waves  for beginners surfers on summer time but there is always good surf  for advance surfers (2 meters waves is most popular to find on this time of year in this part of Peru

Party.-If you are looking  to party you might want to come in summer time but if you are looking for a great surf adventure with many waves this spot has waves all year around.

Surf shop are easy to find if you have a car as there is only one little surf shop in the town. There are 3 more just 5 km away but  if you do not have a car you can easy take a bus . unfortunadly the street bus in this town is not the best but can take you to your destiny

Bank or ATM.- Only  one in town and sometimes breakdown 

Same than the surf shop at the same location you can find 3 ATM on the gas station. Don´t try to walk all the way here as there is only sand and road on the way.

Dollars exchange.- You can  exchange until $20 but not $50 or $100  

You better bring cash in peruvian soles as the exchange in Punta Hermosa is lower than Lima city.

Activities.-There are many activities in Punta Hermosa but you need to have the time and the money to do it...Example :

Surf lesson .- Be carefull who you take surf lessons with. As there  fake surf lessons in this town. remener that cheap lessons can cost you your life.

Stand up paddle .-Be carefull who you take surf lessons with as there are fakes  sup lessons here. 




Blike cross country 

Archeaological tours

Wine testing

Lima city tour

Party in Punta HErmosa or Lima city on winter time as 7 days a week party in a multicultural city 

Save in Punta Hermosa.- You can walk alone all night here ...Plenty of security .

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