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Choquequirao 5 top hike trails  Peru  by My Surf Camp Peru
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Best Hikes Trails Tours in Peru

Information about trails, trekks, agencies, tours, train, tickets, buses, flights, taxis, guides, restorants, hostels, equipments, advices, deals, dangers, contacts in each town, all you need to know before you go.

We offer differents packages to hike in Peru.

1) need only hiker tour guide to do your trekking with one company.

2) For people that love all services included 

3) Join a group in our anual trekking tours every year Macchupicchu or Choquequirao, Salcantay see our days available and meet new trekkers.

Definitely the first trek that I would do in Peru would be the classic Inca trail to Machu Picchu from kilometer 82 of the train line that goes to the town of Aguas Caliente but also is the most popular and you would need to book with 3 month in advance ( at least) but the good thing about Peru is that has many amazing trekks to do.

Here is a list of them.

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