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El Huaico Wave information



Location :
In the Central Coast of Peru in the city of Lima, district of Punta Negra just at the end of the distric of Punta border with San Bartolo. Situated by the Km 50 of the Panamericana South highway.

Kind of wave :
El huaico.- reef-break, left wave, formed, with tubular section, the speed of the wave varies accord to the swell and the tide. Considered a small-medium wave from 1 through 2 meters.
Peña Rosa.- left, strong, formed with tubular section. Medium-high wave, that reaches the 3 meters. Both beaches are not apt for beginners. 

Sea performance :
Cold water, in summer the fluent is almost null. Waves all the year specially with north swell.
Average temperature: 16° C. 

Weather :
In summer is very hot, reach the 28°C. In winter is moderate, moist with light rains.
Won´t go bellow the 12°C. 

Winter is cloudly  and normally is from May to October 

Access :
By the Km 35 of the Panamericana South take detour of the right road (old highway), arriving to the town of Punta Negra. Take the affirmed road that goes through the extreme of the beach. 

Services :

You are more close to San Bartolo town than Punta Center town. So if you want to find stores , a ATM, police station,medical center, market or  a hostel, clubs.

I recomend you to go to San Bartolo . San  Bartolo do not counts  with big malls or theater with all the services.

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