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Check our surf camps destintions in Peru  to compare quality waves, surf season, weather, summer season, prices and services, before you go to Peru.

Get to know or ask some information about surf camps in Peru.

Many people in the world are using this name for only surf lessons or surf schools but a surf camp is a place that offer all tipes from surf services for all surf levels.
Rather you are a Pro surfer looking to have a pipe waves on your life or just a beginner seeking surf lessons the surf camp is a perfect idea for you.

We feel sorry for the lodgings, hostels in Peru that use the name of surf camps for having a board to rent when the name of surf camp fills all kinds of services that a surfer can need like surf trips, Surf courses, Coach surfing train, Surf equipment rentals, tranfers, diets,  surf pictures, surf videos, surf information and beyond that.

Our surf camps are located in different location in Peru for many reason:

1) Waves potential  Chicama, Punta Hermosa, Bermejo
2) Near access to big cities in 1 hour ride Chicama, Punta Hermosa
3) Airports access to make easy to conect with all over Peru with a flitht
4) Only Surf Camp that offer traditional tent services in Peru at Bermejo beach.
5) Punta Hermosa to be the area of the bigest wave in Peru and also for the variety of waves.
6) Chicama named at longest left wave in the word and perfection shape on the waves for all kind of levels.

Why to choose a surf camp and not a surf trip?

1) Cheaper than surf trips that cost double or triple a surf camp could be a good option to save money and get to know other country.

2) Get to know more the waves as you  have more chances " more time to spend on the same wave  to get the waves in better condition than having a surfari around Peru".

Please clik on the link above to see more information  about our surf camps in Peru to compare which is the best for your level and budget
Please check the video below to give you a general idea about our work at the surf camps in Peru. 
We offer surf camps for all levels ( beginners, intermediate, advanced) 
Please check the video below  to have an idea how are the waves  in a normal surf trip for one week from  Lima to the north Peru. 
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