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Surf trips around Peru  for a budget price but  excelent  tours and  the most important. Good waves and fun!

This surf tour option is created for the people  who want to travel and want to save money, or the option to change services depend on your feeling or your budget. In other words...Flexibility to choose  different kind of  restorant levels or hotels or hostels.

How is that work?

We only charge  $100  per day and we offer the  surf tour guide and the auto for 1 person to 2 people. You can share the price in 2 people.If you have a  gruops from 3 to 14 people $150 per day for a van with a surf tour guide that would drive you to the best incredible waves, remarkable  landscapes and historical areas from this  beautiful country .

The surf trips can start from all these cities and all these beaches below :

Lima city ,  Lima airport , Punta Hermosa beach 

Trujillo city , Trujillo airport , Chicama beach

Piura city, Piura airport , Lobitos beach or Mancora 

List of point breaks  we can visit:

Lima Costa Verde 

Lima sur Punta  Hermosa ,San Bartolo, Punta Rocas, Caballeros, Señoritas, Cerro Azul, Puerto Viejo, Bermejo, Centinela, Huanchaco, Chicama , Pacasmayo, Poemape, Lobitos, Piscinas, Mancora, Cabo Blanco, Organos.

 There are more waves but the list is big.

Thing you can see apart of surf in this areas!

Peruvian cosine , cultural tours , adventure sport and archaeological monuments like Pachacamac , La fortaleza de Paramonga, mud city of Chan Chan , and the city tours in all the city you want to visit .

What is not include on the price :




Entrances to tourist atractions.

Surf equipment rental


Others aditional cost from the trip

only 220 kilometres per day . If you pass  that cost $2 extra per kilometers 

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